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Team Vitality Chairman Says apEX and NBK Were Both Wanting To Play With ZywOo When They Were Creating The Roster



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Team Vitality chairman Fabien “Neo” Devide spoke in a recent interview with and talked about all of the things that going on with Team Vitality right now, from becoming the best team to ZywOo’s personality.

In the conversation, Neo also mentioned the times when they first talked about forming a superteam and admitted that NBK didn’t want to join in the first place due to the problems that he faced in the other French team project.

However, NBK and apEX both wanted to play with ZywOo because they knew that he would be the next thing in the upcoming years so that’s why NBK decided to join the roster after leaving G2 Esports.

Here is what Neo said:

“Envy released Happy and RpK around the same time, so the stars lined up. We just had to negotiate with uncle Carlos for apEX and NBK-, although NBK- was doubting whether he wanted to play in another French project because he was tired of replacements, getting benched, and having ego wars all of the time.

It was a bit hard, but apEX really wanted to play with ZywOo and so did NBK-, they both thought he was going to be the next big thing and we really wanted to create an environment of wellness between ZywOo and the more experienced players to make sure he’d be comfortable and that the team would be competitive.”

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