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Team Vitality CS:GO Coach XTQZZZ Reveals Why They Part Ways With NBK



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Rémy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam is a French former CS:GO player and currently a coach for Team Vitality since December 2018. On 29 September, during the interview with, he revealed why they part ways with Nathan “NBK” Schmitt.

XTQZZZ said:

“Things happened at the Major, even if we had won, we needed to change, it was decided. About [replacing] Nathan, it was my decision. Something happened at the Major and ALL of the players didn’t want to play with Nathan anymore, not one or two, all of them.”

He added:

“To say that there are only problems with Nathan is false. There are problems with everyone. ALEX wasn’t easy either. Honestly, we have to say it, in the end, it was either ALEX or Nathan”

XTQZZZ continued:

“In relation to what happened, behaviors, what Vitality wants, and what I want, kicking Nathan was the right thing to do. I made the decision during the Major”

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