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Team Vitality CS:GO Player ALEX Explains Why They Performed So Bad At Blast Premier



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Alex McMeekin, known as “ALEX,” is a  24-year-old British CS:GO player and in-game leader who has been playing for Team Vitality since December 2018. Before that, he was playing for Team LDLC.

In the latest interview with, ALEX explained the reason why they played poorly at Blast Premier. He stated that they played so well in the practice matches and they were so confident because of that. asked:

“From apEX’s interview back at BLAST, you started the year early on compared to others, why weren’t you able to translate that preparation into a better result in London?”

ALEX replied:

“I’m not too sure. I don’t think it was just us, Astralis lost, EG lost, 100 Thieves… We had started practicing early just to avoid that specifically, trying to avoid coming to the first tournament with like two weeks of practice and not hit the mark straight away. We played well against Na`Vi and then everything seemed to crumble after that. I’m not too sure what happened.

Practice obviously means nothing, but it’s the first time in our team’s career that we won like 95% of our practice games. We’re used to losing them all (laughs). I think we were a bit overconfident, and when we started losing we hadn’t lost for so long that it was weird to lose. Maybe some nerves came into it when we started losing, I don’t know.” asked:

“How does that make you feel, that you can just not show up in the middle of the tournament?”

ALEX said:

“It’s tough, yeah. But I think we worked out why and we fixed for here, so hopefully, it won’t happen again.”

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