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Team Vitality CS:GO Player apEX Admits: “We Didn’t Deserve To Win Blast”



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27-year-old French veteran CS:GO player Dan Madesclaire, known as “apEX,” has been playing for Team Vitality since October 2018. Previously, he had played for top-tier French teams like G2 Esports, Team Titan, and more.

apEX took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his honest opinion about their performance in Blast Premier Global Final 2020, in which they got eliminated in Loser’s Bracket final against Natus Vincere.

In the tweet, apEX stated that whole tournament felt weird for them and they felt like they were not good enough. Also, apEX admitted that the result they got is pretty fair because they didn’t deserve to win the tournament and said that they need to work much better next time.

Here is what apEX said:

“This tournament was pretty weird as we didn’t feel we were really good, not really well prepared but we were so close to win both games.

We didn’t deserve it anyway so the result is fair. Now back to work to do much better for the next ones. We have an incredible team.”

You can read the tweet below.

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