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Team Vitality CS:GO Player apEX Shares His Thoughts About Their New Member: shox



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Dan Madesclaire, known as “apEX” is a 26-year-old French CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Vitality since October 2018. On 6 October 2019, during the interview with, he shared his opinion about their new transfer, and also former teammate: Richard “shox” Papillon.

“I wanted to ask you about the addition of shox, with whom you have quite some history. Can you talk about the relationship that you have with him now?”

apEX replied:

“I haven’t played that much with shox, I played with him in 2011 in Source and the second time was on G2. To be honest, shox, he’s not a bad guy. I never hated him, obviously. I just had a problem with him as the captain because – he will say it himself – he’s not born to be a captain. He lacks many things and that’s what happened in the team. I always tried my best with him, but, obviously, when they wanted to bench me I was pretty sad because I always gave it all. But we don’t have anything bad together, he’s a really great player. When my team wanted to add him, I was okay with it because I know that it was really important to have a lurker and an experienced player in his role. He’s helping a lot in the mid-round calls etc., so I’m really happy to have him in the team, mainly not as a captain, but as a player. As you know, when shox is in form like yesterday, he can shine a lot”

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