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Team Vitality CS:GO Player apEX: “These Players Will Make French CS Great Again”



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Dan “apEX” Madesclaire is one of the greatest entry-fraggers in the CS:GO history. Since October 2018, he has been playing for Team Vitality. In his career, a 26-year-old player earned over $700.000 from the events.

During the recent interview with, apEX stated that his teammates Alex “ALEX” McMeekin and Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut will carry the French Counter-Strike. asked:

“In a recent HLTV Confirmed episode, the panel was discussing the topic of in-game leading in ENCE, and you mentioned that the squad is incredibly protective and appreciative of what ALEX brings to the table. Could you give a general idea as to how he has positively affected the team since his addition?”

apEX replied:

“To be completely honest, as I mentioned on HLTV Confirmed, France has lacked impactful in-game leaders for a few years now. I think Happy and Ex6TenZ, or even shox when he was leading, weren’t in the meta. It was like they were two years behind, in my opinion.

What I like about ALEX is that he is trying to figure out the best thing for the team. He works a lot with XTQZZZ on the way we play Counter-Strike, and that’s really important because they agree on what we do. Since we added ALEX, I think we’ve improved a lot on our T sides, and, now, CT sides because he does both, whereas before it was NBK- doing CT calling, while ALEX did the T side.”

He continued:

“I didn’t mention XTQZZZ, but I have mentioned in the past that one of the things that helped us to improve was that we have XTQZZZ as coach. The guy is the best coach I’ve ever had, by far. He’s doing such a great job. I’ve worked ubder him for over a year, and he’s doing so much for the team. He doesn’t speak English that much, so he doesn’t do too many interviews, but his impact on the team is incredible.”

apEX added:

“We have ALEX as well, he was just a player on LDLC with Ex6TenZ at first, and after he became an in-game leader they did great with LDLC. They became 12th in the world rankings with the lineup, and I never imagined them being that good. Also, there’s ZywOo, obviously; he’s the biggest star.

We had a superstar in kennyS, now we have ZywOo. I think that’s who we have in France, and those three were really important for the French scene to improve time after time. I think with those three people, the next five years in French CS are going to be great.”

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