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Team Vitality CS:GO Player RpK About Their Performance In 2020: “I’m Really Proud”



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Cédric Guipouy, known as “Rpk,” is a 31-year-old French CS:GO player who has been playing under Team Vitality jersey for over two and a half years. Previously, he was playing for Team Envy.

After having a successful year with Team Vitality and becoming the best team in the world several times even after the departure of their in-game leader ALEX, RpK wanted to share his feelings about 2020 by sharing a new post on Twitter.

In the post, RpK stated that he is really proud of the team even with the situation of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 and pointed out that they stood really strong as a team during the bad times. While mentioning how hard to perform at the highest level, he also thanked the fans for their support.

Here is what RpK said:

“Thank everyone for this year. Im really proud of our team even during this Covid-19 situation. It wasn’t always easy to stay at our top level but we managed to stay strong and welded but more importantly i want to thank every single one of you for supporting us all this way ❤️”

You can read the tweet below.

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