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Team Vitality PUBG Coach Hayz Says This Should Have Happened Months Before



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Daniel Heaysman, known as “Hayz,” is a British PUBG coach and analyst who is currently working for Team Vitality since December 2018. Before that, he had worked for BIG Clan, Zoekt een Naam, and Team Liquid.

A few days ago, after PUBG Esports announced that they added the new version of Erangel for the tournaments, Hayz stated they should have done this months ago.

Here is the statement from PUBG Esports:

“Starting April, the updated Erangel will be used for all PUBG hosted esports events. Finally.”

Here is what Hayz said:

“AT 👏 LAST 👏

Should have happened a while ago but I’m really happy they’re making the switch to Erangel 2.0 for all esports events.”

You can check the tweets below.

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