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Team Vitality PUBG Coach Hayz Thinks This Is The Only Way To Balance Weapons



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Daniel Heaysman, known as “Hayz” is a former British PUBG player who had played for teams like Team Liquid, BIG Clan and also Zoekt een Naam. In December 2018, he started his coaching career with joining the Team Vitality.

On 17 December, he replied to a famous streamer WackyJack and shared his thoughts about the weapons in the game.

WackyJacky said:

“Some of the things I’d do if I got control over PUBG Labs to do my own weapons/loot balance: – Normalize loot (heavily reduce pistol/shotgun spawn rate. – Increase loot ~50% – Significantly buff handguns, shotguns (and other ‘bad’ weapons) – Reduce circle move-speed later circles”

He added:

“My vision for PUBG weapon balance is to open up for far more variety and playstyle preference by giving players more viable options for weapons to use. No more ‘just get the M4 and then im ready’ but instead make ‘bad weapons’ far more competitive and open up for more builds.”

Hayz replied:

“There’s always going to be better weapons unless you literally make them handle the exact same”

WackyJacky replied:

“Obviously. But the gap is far too big today”

Hayz said:

“People would complain about getting melted upclose by a shotgun or SMG when using an AK or M4. The reality is, they should always perform better at that range. Maybe a small change to ADS movement speed with the SMG’s and buffed damage against lv2/3 vests would work.”

You can check the tweets below.

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