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Team Vitality PUBG Player Krama Ashamed of Himself



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Dylan Catalano, known as “Krama” is a French/Tunisian PUBG player for Team Vitality. 21-year-old player joined Vitality in April 2019. On 14 June, after bad results in matches, he said that he is feeling bad and ashamed.

Krama said:

“I don’t know how to fix our micromistakes and positioning mistakes even though I know all of this is happening because we don’t have much gametime together. I played alot during the week but I’m still so bad, I feel ashamed of myself. Sorry for the people that supports me”

G2 Esports player Itzz_ChrizZ replied:

“New Team is Allways Monka take your time as a Team and try to fix you Mistakes! I belive in you <3”

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