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Team Vitality Rainbow Six Siege Player Fabian: “The Game Is More Enjoyable Without Boring Operators”



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One of the most important figures in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten, is a 25-year-old Swedish player who has been playing under Team Vitality jersey for over two weeks.

Fabian revealed his thought about Echo’s permanent ban on the Pro League by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and explained how nice it is. He stated that the game is more enjoyable without Echo and being able to ban other boring operators is nice to have.

Here is what Fabian wrote:

“I saw a lot of tweets the other day about how nice it is to not have to ban echo on our own, I haven’t even thought about it until now but it is so much more enjoyable to play without him all the time and being able to ban something else of the boring OP ops.”

A fan named Brodie replied:

“Just get good Fabian. Less time on here and more time practicing.”

Another fan named Craig replied:

“What would you think about a weekly ban that all pros vote for? Would mean a character like Lion on release could be banned without wasting tactical bans on gameday.”

You can read the tweet below.

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