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Team Vitality Rainbow Six Siege Player Goga Says These Operators Should Be Nerfed



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25-year-old Spanish Rainbow Six Siege player Daniel Mazorra Romero, known as “Goga,” has been representing Team Vitality for over three months. Before that, he was playing for G2 Esports. He earned over $300.000 in his career from the events.

Goga replied to famous caster Parker “Interro” Mackay’s tweet yesterday and revealed the operators that need nerf. Goga stated that the balancing issue comes with the very strong operators like Goyo and Wamai.

Here is what Interro said:

“I love the complexity and strategy behind R6 but I would support removing some utility from a few operators – particularly defenders. Taking away 1 ADS, 1 Jammer, 1 Evil Eye, 1 Goyo shield would give attackers more freedom to engage in gunfights without decreasing depth in-game.”

Goga replied:

“Leave Jäger alone, he’s been balanced since the beginning of the game. The issue comes with Goyo and Wamai.”

A fan named Dylan replied:

“Thank you. One of the best in the world has spoken. Silence the golds :)”

Another fan user named Azzian wrote:

“He’s been balanced AT the start of the game. The games changed, he needs to lose an ADS”

You can read his tweet below.

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