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Team Vitality Shuts Down 6-Man CS:GO Roster As They Part Ways With Nivera



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Nabil Benrlitom, known as “Nivera,” is a 19-year-old Belgian CS:GO player who had been playing for Team Vitality as a sixth player since October 2020. Before that, he was playing for Team Heretics.

After Valve announced that they won’t agree with the six-man rosters for the major tournaments, most of the community were wondering what will happen to the six-man rosters like Team Vitality, Astralis, and more. Yesterday, Vitality decided to return the classic five-man rosters.

While mentioning the new Valve rules, Team Vitality announced that they parted ways with Nivera from now. Furthermore, Nivera also said that he had learned lots of things from Vitality and he is now open to any offers.

Here is what Team Vitality announced:

“Unfortunately, following the recent announcement, questions arose regarding the six-man format and we aren’t feeling confident regarding the future of this structure. Therefore, we are coming back to a five-man roster for the time being.”

Nivera said:

“With the recent announcements, the team will not pursue the 6-man roster for now. I’m learning a lot with Team Vitality and the players and it’s an incredible experience that I hope to continue one day. I’m motivated and open to a loan or a transfer.”

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