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Team Vitality’s shox Talks About His Clutching Ability



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Richard Papillon, known as “shox,” is a 29-year-old French CS:GO player who had played for teams like Team Titan, Team Envy, G2 Esports, and many more. Since September 2019, he has been playing for Team Vitality.

shox is one of the few riflers in the game that has the ability to play the 1vx situations perfectly. Most recently, he put a great showing against Natus Vincere in the finals of ESL Pro League Season 14. 

During the press conference, Grady Hooker asked shox about how he manages to play clutch situations with perfection, and shox explained that he never watched demos to learn how to clutch.

In the conversation, shox pointed out that since the day he started to play Counter-Strike, he always loved to be alone and try to win the round for his team. Also, he mentioned that it is pretty similar to fishing.

The veteran French player stated that fishing is his second passion besides Counter-Strike and touched upon the fact that you need to be patient in fishing as well as in clutch situations, which might help to improve this abiliy.

Shox talked about clutching in the interview:

“I don’t watch demos especially for the clutches or whatever. Since I started CS, 20 years ago, I always loved when I’m being alone, all my teammates are dead, and this is just me against the world.

I always loved this situation, and because I love it this is something I’m pretty good at. I will also point to the fact that my second passion is fishing and in the clutch situation you gotta be patient and fishing helps for the patience.”

Later in the conversation, shox revealed that his fishing passion actually comes from his family and said that they are going to a lake to do fishing usually.

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