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Team Reciprocity Rainbow Six Siege Player Questioning Fortnite’s Popularity



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Canadian Rainbow Six Siege play Davide “FoxA” Bucci has been playing competitive Siege since 2017. Currently, he is playing for Team Reciprocity for 6 months. On 2 June, after Fortnite released a new emote, FoxA questioned that why Fortnite is so popular.

FoxA said:

“why is this game so popular”

A fan named Atikae said:

“fortnite is 10X the game siege could ever be”

FoxA replied:

“Two different types of games Your pinned tweet is fortnite montage And not true the comp scene even tho it has a lot of money is a mess and most pros are saying they are quoting after the World Cup Also the game consistently does something dumb because they have so much money”

FoxA added:

“They can do whatever they want. This game is only popular because it’s the “cod” of this generation.”

Atikae replied:

“okay and why couldn’t siege be the “cod” of the generation probably because it’s shit. there’s been glitches in the game that have been out since year 2. the devs don’t care & you act like all the pros don’t constantly bitch about ops so what’s the difference?”

FoxA explains:

“Fortnite has colors and attention grabbing visuals. It had potential st first just like pubg did, why isn’t pubg as big it was so hyped. Why wasn’t cod battle royal as big. Ninja drake all the rappers kids idols played the game. First game as cross platforms too. Smart at first… Rainbow is a strat heavy game no matter what way you look at it you eventually gotta learn a lot. Kids don’t have time or attention span for it. Fortnite is the easy dumb solution even tho there’s much to learn in that too with building and spawns. But you can just hop in it.”

“As for bugs a lot is fixed, you probsbly don’t play it much or enough to have experienced bugs you just see tweets and that becomes your knowledge of it. instead of ubi just dumping money for a quick growth they want to build their foundation like the old League csgo and dota”

“A dedication to it. Where as fortnite wouldn’t care if the game died. Almost happened with apex and fortnite just copied the cool mechanics from it and called it a day. When they lost players they make a patch and if it doesn’t work then oh well next be next game”

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