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TeamSoloMid Player BreaK Wants These Changes In PUBG



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British PUBG player Gary “BreaK” Marshall, has been into professional PUBG scene since 2017 and he also with the TeamSoloMid until then. He attended major tournaments like Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational, IEM XII Katowice PUBG Invitational and more. On 25 May, he shared things that he wants to change in PUBG.

BreaK said:

“Some notes.

-Weapon/vehicle sounds are too loud.

-Footsteps sounds are inconsistent.

-Vertical audio is terrible.

-Redzone should be removed.

-End game circles STILL move faster than you can run.

-HE nade weight needs doubling.

-Ranked comp mode pls.

-Ping limit.”

He added:

“Sounds like I’m hating here, I’m not. PUBG is in THE BEST state its ever been in IMO. I just think these fixes/additions would make the game almost perfect. Lastly, it feels like there’s a LOT of people using VPN to play EU servers. Their own server region is either plagued by cheaters OR the player base has eroded so much there the queue times are huge. Not too sure how to fix that, but it causes “desync” (Shot behind cover).”

You can check his tweets from below.

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