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Tempo Storm Player Filthy Says This Player Is The Definition Of God



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Xavier Garcia, known as “Filthy” is a 21-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Tempo Storm since November 2019. Before that, he was playing for 2 Faced and Dream Chasers.

On 25 December, he said that Spacestation Gaming player Alec “Fultz” Fultz is playing like a god.

Filthy said:

“Fultz is the definition of a god, he needs to be protected at all costs”

Spacestation Gaming player Canadian replied:

“guy always orders food without me, he’s mediocre in my book”

You can read the tweets below.

Alec “Fultz” Fultz is an American player who has been playing for Spacestation Gaming since May 2019. Before that, he was playing for Organized Chaos. In his career, he earned over $30.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

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