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TenZ Clarifies Why Duelists Should Be A Must For The Team Compositions



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Tyson Ngo, known as “TenZ,” is a 20-year-old Canadian Valorant player who is currently representing Sentinels for over a month. Previously, he had played for Cloud9 in both Valorant and CS:GO rosters.

Since its release, Valorant’s meta has been evolving. However, the importance of the utilities has never changed. Even though some teams running low-utility compositions, it has always been a must for the rosters.

For the last ten months, Riot Games introduced such utility-based agents like Skye, Astra, and KAY/O, and some of the teams started to play the game without any dueslits in their compositions because of that.

According to TenZ, it is a huge mistake. He took his official Twitter account to explain why people should run at least a single duelist for their team.

In the post, TenZ pointed out that even though the utility is nuts on paper, the team would pop off if the duelist having a great game. Also, we should mention that the team would need a duelist who would open space for the team or even clear out the utilities.

TenZ on the current team compositions:

“Feel like so many people try to force a single duelist or even no duelist comps, on paper the utility is nuts but having a duelist that’s feeling it can just absolutely change the game.”

You can check out the post below.

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