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TenZ Shines As Sentinels Are Headed To The Finals Of VCT: Masters Reykjavík



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Tyson Ngo, known as “TenZ,” is a 20-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who started his top-level career with Cloud9 in July 2019. However, he decided to switch to Valorant in April 2020, shortly after the announcement of the game.

TenZ was still playing for Cloud9 jersey, and they were one of the best teams in the North American Valorant scene. However, they couldn’t close up the series through the end of the year, and the frustration started for the organization.

Therefore, TenZ announced his departure from the competitive scene, and pursue content creation under the Cloud9 brand in January 2021. But, he returned back to the scene when he was loaned to Sentinels in March.

After the roster move, Sentinels started to dominate the scene. They won every tournament they played with TenZ and found a ticket for the most important tournament in the game, VCT: Masters Reykjavík.

Sentinels pursue the finals without dropping any single map.

From the beginning of their journey in Iceland, TenZ and his colleagues have been looking so strong. In their first match, they eliminated Fnatic and beat up the Team Vikings in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

Then, they faced the Korean roster, NUTURN Gaming, at the Upper Bracket Final. However, Sentinels didn’t lose a single map during the tournament and reached the finals with huge confidence.

As Sentinels was showing off their strength, TenZ was the most impressive member of the roster. He is the best player in the tournament in terms of the Kill/Death Ratio, and he has the second-best Average Combat Score so far.

Right now, the North American organization are waiting to face either Fnatic, Team Liquid, or NUTURN to face in the finals of VCT: Masters Reykjavíl tomorrow, and they already proved themselves to the community as well as showing the true power of the North American scene.

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