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“The Changes Were Trying To Be Made Behind Players’ Backs” FaZe Clan CS:GO Player Twistzz On Team Liquid’s Management



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Russel David Van Dulken, known as “Twistzz,” is a 21-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who had been playing under Team Liquid jersey for over three years. In his career, he earned around $850.000 from the tournaments.

Last year, there have been lots of rumors about Twistzz’s future and in the end of 2020, Twistzz announced his departure from Team Liquid. After a while, FaZe Clan added Twistzz in their roster as they benched Kjaerbye.

Two days ago, Twistzz spoke in a recent interview with and talked about the problems he faced last year with Team Liquid and what impacted his individual performance in this period.

In the conversation, Twistzz confirmed that the rumors about his departure was true in summer 2020 was true and said that it really hurt his confidence. Also, Twistzz mentioned that he got frustrated by the fact that Team Liquid were trying to make these changes behind his back and revealed why the mood wasn’t there for him.

Here is what Twistzz said:

“I guess my confidence really took a toll throughout the year, especially in-game. There were rumors in July that I was almost replaced. That was true.

That hurt my confidence a little bit, considering I felt like all the team needed was like a break. And the fact that changes were trying to be made behind player’s backs. That was something that bothered me a lot.”

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