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The Details Of Flashpoint Drama Between Ninjas In Pyjamas And Anonymo Esports



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After the addition of Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, Ninjas In Pyjamas were getting ready to play their debut match together with the new roster at Flashpoint three days ago, and they were facing the Polish organization Anonymo Esports.

At the start of the first map Overpass, Ninjas In Pyjamas players experienced high-packet loss, and they called a technical pause. After the long pause, Ninjas couldn’t find any solution but the match continued.

Following such experience with the connection, Ninjas In Pyjamas lost the series against the Polish squad with 2-1. After the matchup, the Swedish organization released an announcement about the situation.

According to NIP, they tried everything they can to fix the problem, such as VPN, trying out a new server, and more. However, the problem was not from their side, and they criticized Flashpoint for the unfair treatment.

The ignorance, stubbornness and lack of solutions coming from the Flashpoint staff was simply not to standard with what is expected from a major qualifier event,” NIP said. “We lost the series to a determined opponent who played a great game, and we accept this, but it is incredibly frustrating to have technical issues beyond our control weighing on us when competing at the highest levels of professional CS:GO. We hope that this will be resolved for the sake of all teams going forward and we are more motivated than ever for our next game on Sunday.”

Saturday, it was found out that Flashpoint is responsible for the problem because it occurred from Flashpoint security settings. It was partially blocking the traffic from NIP to the Flashpoint game server.

On the same day, Flashpoint made a decision that teams must replay the match either the whole game or the last one on Sunday. However, Anonymo Esports released an announcement and refused to play the replay.

In the statement, they mentioned that Faceit and Flashpoint are getting pressured by the Ninjas In Pyjamas and their players, referring to the tweet of dev1ce, and criticized their way of addressing the problem.

Here is what dev1ce said earlier:

“We lose to anonymo, very shitty conditions and I must state my absolute fucking disappointment with faceits amateur handling of the situation.”

You can check out the post below.

Later on, some of the Anonymo players reached out to CSPPA Group to talk about their frustration, and it was understandable for the Polish side that replaying the match after days was unacceptable.

After a short period, Flashpoint made another announcement about the situation and revealed that the match is rescheduled, but there is no official time has confirmed. Also, they offered Anonymo to choose to play the full match or the last map.

Following such a dilemma, lots of professional players shared their reactions to the situation, and dev1ce also shared a new post to apologize from the community as well as the tournament admin.

“Hey guys, As you’re all aware, the events that occurred on Friday were incredibly frustrating for me personally and the wider organisation. Emotions were running high and we were left hugely disappointed by circumstances beyond our control,” dev1ce said. “I regret the strength and tone of some of the comments that I made toward the admin during the event; I have already apologised to the people involved. This isn’t how I wish to conduct myself and I promise to let my performance do the talking moving forward.”

Although we don’t know if the match is going to hold on in the future or not, there were lots of players defending that the match shouldn’t be replayed at all, and we wanted to gather some of them for you.

“If I was anonymo I would have said no thanks to a rematch. This is not their fault. I would like to know what NiP and Flashpoint have done to make them say yes.” Dev1ce’s former teammate from Astralis, Gla1ve said.

“Actual craziness. Can’t believe They are trying to get that match replayed LMFAO.” Team Liquid’s EliGE criticized the Flashpoint. “If NiP had a problem at the time then DONT PLAY or find a solution at the time. You can’t take away someone’s win days later. Fuck off with that sore loser shit.”

Brazilian legend FalleN also pointed out that Flashpoint shouldn’t have offered the replay. “Last time we had internet problems during flashpoint finals we rushed to another house instantly as a solution viable in time, of course not everyone has a solution like that but your internet problems is your own business, unfortunately. This replay should never be offered,” FalleN said.

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