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The Final Part Of The Interview With A Social Media Manager Of Cloud9’s TenZ: “Valorant Definitely Can Be Bigger Than CS:GO”



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In the first two parts, we spoke with a social media expert who runs lots of social media accounts of many Fortnite and Valorant professional players, Nate Schanker, and talked about the future of esports as well as the importance of this job.

In this last episode, we talked about which game has the biggest interactions for the players, and we discussed the future of CS:GO and Valorant while comparing these two games to each other.


“As far as we can see, you organize the social media of the players who are playing many different games, which game do you think has the most interaction?”

Nate Schanker:

“Right now, Fortnite. Fortnite is a game that is enjoyed by tons of casuals which allows my clients clips to be enjoyed by more than just fans of the pros.” 


“Who do you think is the best Valorant player and why?”

Nate Schanker:

“TenZ without a doubt. Not even being biased.”


“Do you think Valorant will be able to end CS:GO as so many others said?”

Nate Schanker:

“Tons of CS pros are leaving that game to play Valorant professionally. Riot has been killing it by updating the game based on complaints by the community and is doing a great job in making the game the best it can be. I think it definitely can be bigger than CS once they are able to do LAN events after Covid. “


“Finally, do you have anything to add?”

Nate Schanker:

“I appreciate the interview and had a ton of fun! If I could give anyone some advice to start to be a social media manager for esports pros, I would recommend cold emailing pros and telling them what you have to offer and sending in your resume/LinkedIn.” 

We thank Nate for his kind words and time and wish him nothing but the best in his future career. Also, you can click here if you want to read the first part of the interview, and here for the second part.

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