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The New PUBG Update Brings Many Innovations!



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With this update, new weapons, new skins, and Pass system will be available to users.  PUBG adds new weapons along with the update.

The new weapon MP5K brought by the update. This weapon, which is in the category of submachine gun, has a capacity of 30 rounds and can be extended to 40 rounds capacity with add-ons.

MP5K Features

It has a high firing rate that can throw 900 rounds per minute and its backlash can be easily controlled. Different types of gun magazine, barrel inserts, handles, laser pointers, and binoculars can be used.

Basic damage value is 33

It is exclusive to Vikendi.

PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card Wild, which includes 60 or more prizes during the pass period which will last for 10 weeks, will start very soon. During the new pass, features such as in-game features, lobbying, and background music will enable you to track the improved tasks and tasks in real time, which will test players’ skills.

Pass Period

Survivor Pass 3: The Wild Card, will last for 10 weeks from 26 March to 4 June.”

Improved Features

The task status is now displayed during a live game.

You can press P to display the current task status. (Live update of data may be delayed for a few seconds)

New Tasks

Daily Tasks: These tasks can change every day; complete each task on time! You can change up to 3 tasks every day.

Weekly Tasks: You can get 10 new tasks per week. Each week, you can change up to 5 of these tasks, the expired tasks will be lost.

Novice Tasks: 10 tasks promoting PUBG‘s in-game features.

Added new challenging tasks to test players’ weapons skills: There are some additional tasks to test your skills using these weapons: Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, M16A4. If you complete the missions of all weapons, you can win weapons cosmetics.


More than 60 awards

New character smileys and hair free pass award

New backpack costume

Each time you raise the Pass, you will receive a coupon for random keys.