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These Are The Reasons Why You Can’t Rank Up In CS:GO



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Currently, most of the players in CS:GO are stuck between gold nova and master guardian ranks and trying to improve every day. However, there are lots of mistakes that players are doing even without noticing it.

Today, we are showing you the top 3 mistakes that you should avoid while playing the game. With these suggestions, you can rank up pretty easily.

3. Going Solo All The Time

In the game, you should avoid playing solo all the time. In many low-tier matches, most of the players want to play solo and get lots of kills while doing it. However, this is not the case in Counter-Strike. You need to play around your team and teammates to beat the enemy.

2. Not Paying Attention To The Economy

Most of the time, players are not paying attention to the economy of the team and want to buy every round possible. But, this is a really bad habit, and you should be waiting for a full buy. Even though you will lose the eco round, you can pretty easily win the other round with a full buy. Otherwise, you will probably lose 3 rounds in-a-row with the half buys.

1. Not Using Utility

Counter-Strike is an FPS game, and you need to kill the enemy. However, you need to use smokes, flashes, grenades, and incendiaries in the game for taking the map control or get the priority of the position. Low-ranked players don’t care about this factor, but it is the most important key to win your games. If you can watch the professional matches, you can see that utility is everything.

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