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“This Is The Most Positive Patch” G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Pengu Says About The Operation Neon Dawn



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Niclas Mouritzen, known as “Pengu,” is a 23-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under G2 Esports jersey for over two years. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the tournaments.

Pengu took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his opinion about the new patch that comes to the test server with the upcoming operation, NeonDawn, which features lots of balancing changes and a new operator.

In the post, Pengu stated that he is so happy to see the new changes to balance the current meta of the game and praised the developers for this move. Also, he mentioned that this is the biggest and positive patch they have seen in Siege’s history.

Here is what Pengu wrote:

“First day, but I am happy to say that I am very much for the changes that were made. I used to say that Siege was on autopilot and we needed someone to take control and steer it in a direction. That is exactly what the devs have done. this is one of the biggest & most positive patches/test server’s we have had in a long time.

I saw Emilien Lomet being super vocal, explaining & going into detail regarding multiple questions, massive props to you and the team for delivering this content to us, detailed dev blog & patch notes all across. Well done.”

He added:

“I have only a handful of things I see that could use further iteration/change or things I disagreed with. it is the smallest list I have had in YEARS. I will continue to play the test server & voice my thoughts further down the line on those topics once I gain more experience.”

You can read the tweets below.

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