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This Is What Professional Players Think About The Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator: Amaru



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On 10 September, Ubisoft released a new operation for Rainbow Six Siege name called Operation Ember Rise. In this operation, Ubisoft introduced brand new 2 operators which are defender Goyo and attacker Amaru. On 16 September, professional players revealed their thoughts about the new operator: Amaru.

Team SoloMid player Pojoman said:

“Amaru’s primary ability is expediting the game into a 4v5”

Team Reciprocity player Skys replied:

“Personally think that operator has no place in siege”

Horus Esports analyst/coach Omerta replied:

“I think she will be supet useful at cutting rotates and getting control on maps like consulate bank coastline. For example you are doing a standard hookah take but somebody on a drone calls that aqua and luggage is clear she can get from hookah balc to there in seconds”

You can check the tweets below.

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