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This Is Why CS:GO Player dexter Stops Respecting To The Enemies



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Chris Nong, known as “dexter” is an Australian CS:GO player who has been playing for Grayhound Gaming since August 2017. On 3 October, during the interview with, dexter revealed why he stopped respecting to the enemies. asked:

“You’ve had some improved form over the past few months, especially looking at the Major, what do you attribute that to?”

dexter replied:

“I would just have to say that I got into a zen mode after France, at least. I stopped caring too much and, whatever I do, I do with full confidence. There were many times before where we played a certain team on Nuke, for example, and normally in scrims I would play very aggressively and then in actual matches I would just go into a turtle and give too much space and respect to the other teams. “

He added:

“I just stopped respecting the idea that you should respect all these European teams in-game, so I just run at them, ruin their perfect strategy by killing one of them, even if I die it doesn’t matter because then they’re down one set of utility. That’s pretty much my mentality going on in the game right now.”

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