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This Is Why MIBR Player FalleN Is A Prophet Of CS:GO



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Epitácio Pessoa de Melo Filho, known as “TACO” is a 24-year-old CS:GO player who had played for top tier teams like Team Liquid, SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming. Since December 2018, he has been playing for MIBR. On the other hand, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is an in-game leader for MIBR and he played with TACO for over 3 years.

On 29 November, TACO replied to Astralis player Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and said that FalleN saw the future and predicted what will happen in the next years.

ESL CS:GO said:

A young @gla1ve_csgo building his master-plan for @astralisgg on Copenhagen Wolves at #ESLOne Cologne 2014.”

Gla1ve said:

“Young gla1ve, sitting there and looking like he will never get an offer from @astralisgg”

TACO replied:

“I remember us watching Astralis play in a tournament with you at the time as a stand in and @FalleNCS saying that you would actually be a good addition for them. I think he was right!”

Gla1ve replied:

“FalleN GOD”

Astralis coach Zonic replied to TACO:

“I played in those matches as well. You must have felt the same way about me. I’m sure!”

You can read the tweets below.


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