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This Is Why NaToSaphiX Feels So Lucky



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Niels Christian Sillassen, known as “NaToSaphiX” is a 23-year-old Danish CS:GO player who had been playing for Heroic since May 2019. On 20 August 2019, Heroic part ways with him. Also, he had played for Sprout in 2018. Currently, he is looking for a team to represent.

On 10 December, Mousesports announced that Özgür “woxic” Eker can’t be playing at cs_summit 5 due to the visa issues. Also, they said that NaToSaphiX will be playing for him and this is why NaToSaphiX feels so lucky.

woxic said:

“Hey guys, due to our latest schedule (Bootcamp for CAC & ESL) I wasn’t able to find time to apply for the US Visa (for cs_summit). I only had 2 days to do it which was obviously too short. I’m sure Nato will do his best to help the squad! See y’all at Epicenter”

He added:

“And also we got the tournament invitation while we we’re doing a bootcamp. So there is nothing mouz could do something about that.”

NaToSaphiX said:

“You’re a very hard man to replace, w0xic! I’ll do my best to take home another trophy with your team in Los Angeles. My eternal gratitude goes to the people/players/coach of MouseSports for giving me this opportunity!”

Mousesports player chrisJ said:

“Sad we can’t play with @w0xic but I’m sure he will comeback even stronger for EPICENTER. let’s go GlutenBoy”

You can read the tweets below.

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