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This Is Why PUBG Disappointed Head Coach Of Ghost Gaming



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Michael Cecere, known as “Jabroni” is a member of Ghost Gaming since June 2018. He working as a head coach and analyst for the team. On 17 October, Jabroni revealed why he is disappointed by the PUBG Esports.

Jabroni said:

“Although I appreciate everyone’s attempt at positivity, I’m very disappointed in @PUBGEsports. Skins were promised, we have hyped them for months. And for once, I would like to see them face the music themselves with a serious post about it and why it isn’t happening.”

Jabroni continued:

“Seeing today’s announcement and attempt of covering with the “pick em” is a joke, and a slap in the face to all orgs. Tired of the “hide until this blows over” trend.”

He added:

“Also I have no idea why people are being positive about the new skins/deal. They are going to sell 20% of what they would have. And teams lose ALL promotion in game.”

You can check his tweets below.

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