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This Is Why Rainbow Six Siege Coach Lycan Is Mad



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Former Rainbow Six Siege player Justin Woods, known as “Lycan,” is an American coach who has been working for Spacestation Gaming since March 2018. Recently, he led his team to win the United States Nationals 2019 in December 2019.

On 29 December, on his officialTwitter account, he revealed why you should care more for the scrims.

Here is what Lycan said:

“This is something that should never need to be said EVER. You dont fuck with scrims. IF you do fuck with scrims, you get blacklisted. You cant afford to have teams not trusting you and you cant afford to scrim a team you cant trust. Scrims are sacred, dont fuck with them”

Natus Vincere player Kendrew replied:

“bUt iF I rEcOrD mY pOv it’s my rIgHt tO uPloAd iT”

Lycan replied:

“That’s almost as bad as “they are the one that decided to stream, they are asking to get sniped”

DarkZero Esports coach BKN said:

“Every scheduled scrim is an even smaller cuter baby Yoda. Don’t hurt him”

You can check the tweets below.

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