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This Is Why Rainbow Six Siege Will Die According To Team SoloMid Player Merc



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American Rainbow Six Siege player Bryan Wrzek, known as “Merc” has been playing for Team SoloMid since 16 June 2019. Before that, he was playing for ex-Excelerate. On 1 December, with humor, he revealed why Rainbow Six Siege is gonna die.

Merc said:

“Siege isn’t gonna die from cheaters or shitty ops released it’s gonna die cause half the community is gonna have a stroke from drinking 12 reigns a day while playing ranked I swear the entire ranked community are now cracked up twitch doc mains on reign give it a rest”

He added:

“That shit is liquid adderall and every game I play I’m getting swung on by someone who is 100% on reign”

Evil Geniuses player Modigga replied:


Team Reciprocity player LaXinG replied:

“Nah it’ll be me being the in newcomers game mode. Sorry, not sorry”

Luminosity Gaming player Hyena said:

“Yeti’s mass ruse to take out the competition”

You can read the tweets below.

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