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This Is Why You Should Play These Operators In Rainbow Six Siege



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One of the greatest tactical shooter games in the gaming scene is Rainbow Six Siege. The game has so many varieties and so many things that you can do on the map. As you might notice, destruction, creativity, and teamwork is the key to success in this game.

Today, we are gonna show you which operators you should play in Rainbow Six Siege to enjoy, and climb the ranking ladder easily. To do so, you should be a team player before entering the game. So, this is our top 5 operators to play.

5. Montagne

Yes, we know you like shooting the enemies and get the round by yourself. However, you can win the rounds without shooting any bullets with Montagne. If you can play safe enough to gather info about the enemies, you will definitely win the round for your team.

4. Capitão

One of the coolest operators in the game, Capitão, has joined the game with Operation Skull Rain, and he has been dominating the game for a reason. His utility to burn and smoke some areas will impact the rounds more than you think. Also, his gun has a relatively low recoil to control.

3. Lesion

Lesion’s gun has one of the easiest spray patterns on the defender side. Furthermore, his ability to place his gu-mines in different areas on the map will bring your team so many intel about the enemy’s position. With these great abilities, Lesion has one of the highest win rates in the game.

2. Thermite

If you are looking to play the game with your own, Thermite is the best pick for you. Most of the time, the team will need a hard-breacher that destroys the reinforced walls. Thermite’s ability to open up walls and his great gun makes him the most important pick on the attacker side.

1. Thatcher

As you might already know, there is no better relationship than Thatcher and Thermite in the game. Also, if you pick the Thatcher, you can help your team with your 3 EMP grenades very easily, and you can destroy most of the enemy gadgets with one button. Besides that, his primary weapons are soo good that you can pick whatever suits you.

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