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This Is Why You Should Play Valorant As Soon As Possible



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Riot Games has released the beta version of their newest FPS game, Valorant, and stunned the gaming community with this game. All other professional players from different games and streamers played this game, and almost everybody liked it.

Today, we will be revealing why you should play Valorant and showing the features that you will be impressed by Riot Games.

3. Server Quality

Most of the time, you will be playing in the 64 tickrate servers in your games, including the matchmaking system in CS:GO. However, Riot Games think about this before releasing the game, and they created 128 tickrate servers for the Valorant and made a huge difference compared to other games.

2. There Is No ‘Peeker’s Advantage’ In Valorant

Due to the game mechanics and ping differences, FPS games are struggling with the ‘Peeker’s Advantage’ feature. Because of these issues, players can abuse this feature and see the enemy first before they notice it. In Valorant, they blocked this feature, and everybody can play in the same conditions.

1. It Is So Much Fun To Play

If you are sick of quitting the game after one or two matches, you will be happier after playing Valorant. The cool effects of the agents and abilities will make your game much more fun to play. Also, lots of professional players are playing this game because it is so much relaxing compared to the others.

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