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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Peek Dr.Disrespect Twice In Call Of Duty: “Swagg And JSmoothHD Had To Learn The Hard Way”



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One of the greatest content creators in the world if not the best, Dr.Disrespect, took to his official Twitter account to share a new clip from his recent stream and showed why you shouldn’t peek him again in Call Of Duty.

As you can see, Dr.Disrespect was sniping two enemies during the video. The first one was dropping down from the building, and the second one was peeking Doc from the roof, and both of them were the other content creators Swagg and JSmoothHD.

However, Doc managed to down the first one with an incredible reaction time and get the second kill on the rooftop with a perfect aim. In this way, Doc showed why nobody should peek at him twice.

Here is what Dr.Disrespect wrote:

“You just don’t peek the two time.

Even Swagg and JSmoothHD had to learn the hard way.”

You can check out the post below.

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