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Thorin Reveals The Teams That Might Affected From AUG Nerf



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Duncan Shields, known as “Thorin” is an Esport historian and analyst for at least 10 years. On 19 July, after the AUG nerf,  first tournaments played out and some of the teams have struggled and Thorin connected these failures to the AUG nerf. He said that ENCE and Renegades must have affected after these changes.

Thorin said:

“jks is still a strong player, that hasn’t changed, but I suspect Renegades and ENCE are the two teams who will be hurt by the aug nerf, since they already lacked for a raw skill contrasted to the likes of TL. Was a lot easier to get that double digits round CT half with augs and good chemistry.”

You can read his tweet below.

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