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TimTheTatMan Also Switches To YouTube Gaming And Will Play With DrLupo, Dr. Disrespect, and CouRage



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Famous Twitch streamer who is one of the most-watched North American content creator, TimTheTatMan, announced on Twitter that he switched to YouTube Gaming.

Two days ago, another streamer DrLupo revealed that he switched to YouTube as his new streaming platform, and yesterday, he made his first stream along for his 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube.

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch, TimTheTatMan, now also announced his decision to move forward with YouTube Gaming, and it made all the gaming community hyped up for the YouTube streaming platform.

Furthermore, Tim also pointed out that he will be streaming with other streamers Dr. Disrecspect, DrLupo, and CouRage, which are all streaming on YouTube, simultaneously and said that they will be playing games together.

Excited to announce I’ll be playing squads with Tim, Lupo, and Doc tomorrow! I’ll be live at 10:30 AM PST,” CouRage showed his excitement about getting Tim onto YouTube. “The YouTube Gaming squad has been formed.”

Before making an agreement to stream on YouTube, Tim has been sharing lots of gaming content on his channel. As for now, he has over 3.80 million subscribers on his YouTube channel that might increase in further days.

TimTheTatMan announced:

First stream on Youtube Gaming. Gonna be playing some games with Dr. Disrespect, DrLupo and Courage. You don’t wanna miss this.”

You can check out the post below.

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