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TimTheTatMan Becomes The Co-Owner Of Complexity Gaming



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Timothy John Betar, known as “TimTheTatMan,” is a 31-year-old American content creator who had been streaming on Twitch for over seven years. Earlier this month, the streamer switched to YouTube Gaming.

While the community was expecting Tim to join 100 Thieves for a long time due to his close relationship with CouRage and Nadeshot, the 31-year-old streamer shocked the community by announcing his new path via Twitter.

In the announcement, Tim revealed that he has become the co-owner of the North American organization Complexity Gaming, which has acquired by GameSquare Esports group of companies.

“Happy to announce that I have joined and I am officially part-owner of Complexity Gaming,” TimTheTatMan made the announcement with these words and showed his eagerness. “So excited for the future!”

Furthermore, CEO of Complexity Gaming Jason Lake shared how happy he is with Tim’s addition. “Welcome TimTheTatMan to Complexity Gaming,” he said. “You are going to like it here.”

Here is the official announcement from Complexity Gaming:

TimTheTatman, one of the most popular esports personalities with more than 18 million social followers, has joined Complexity, a part of the GameSquare Esports group of companies.

GameSquare and Complexity intend to work with TimTheTatman to create exclusive merchandise collections that proudly represent Complexity’s winning history and his larger-than-life personality.

The collection is expected to be available online and at a welcome ceremony to be held at Complexity’s headquarters, the GameStop Performance Center, at The Star in Frisco, Texas.”

You can check out the announcement video below.

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