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TimTheTatMan Cosplays Dr. Disrespect On His Twitch Stream



Timothy John Betar, known as “TimTheTatMan,” is a 31-year-old content creator who has been streaming live on Twitch for over years. Right now, he is one of the popular streamers in the platform.

Tim has lots of good relationships with other content creators such as Valkyrae, Nadeshot, CouRage, and many more. However, the most adorable relationship he has with Dr. Disrespect, who is considered as the best entertainer in the world.

During one of his recent streams, Tim decided to appear just like Doc himself by wearing his iconic sunglasses as well as his bulletproof vest. With this outfit, Tim made everybody laugh.

Tim also revealed that all of the materials he used is his own products, but he wore them to look like Doc. Additionally, Tim shared the footage on his official Twitter account, which got over 25K likes and 1.5K retweets in less than only sixteen hours.

TimTheTatMan wrote:

“Dr. Foodrespect.”

You can check out the post below.

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