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Top 3 Funny Operators To Play In Rainbow Six Siege



Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most strategical first-person-shooter games in gaming history. The instructions, explosions, and creativity features make this game unique compared to other FPS games.

Today, we will show you the top 3 funny operators that you should play in Rainbow Six Siege. However, you could not be able to win every round with these operators, so we are suggesting you to play in casual with these operators.


IANA came to the Rainbow Six Siege with the latest operation, Void Edge, and she has one of the funniest abilities in the game. You can deploy your clone, and move around the map like yourself. With this ability, you can earn so much information about the enemy.

2. Alibi

Alibi is an Italian operator in the Siege that has 3 deployable Prisma projects holograms that looks like Alibi. However, you can’t move and play with them as you do with Iana. But, you can bate your enemies with your holograms.

1. Amaru

If you like the walk around the map and went into the room quickly, Amaru is the best choice for you. With her special ability to enter the windows and climb the higher areas, you can have so much fun while playing her.

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