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Top 3 Games To Play For Metalheads During The Coronavirus Outbreak



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If you like playing the games while listening to rock/metal music in the background, today, we will show you the top 3 games to play for you to spend your free time easily during the self-quarantine days.

3. Guitar Hero Series

As you might already know, this game is one of the most iconic games for the rock/metal audience. Basically, you are a band member and trying to provide the best show for the audience while playing the best rock/metal songs.

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

In this game, you can drive your truck into the cities of Europe, and enjoy your time while listening whatever you want. You can upgrade your truck to do the missions or even create your own company if you want.

1. Hearts Of Iron IV

One of the best strategy games in the world is HOI IV. While simulating the World War II, you can increase your passion by opening a metal song during the war. Also, the developers of this game know this truth that they even added a track of Sabadon, Hearts Of Iron.

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