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Top 3 Maps To Play In Counter-Strike For The Solo-Queue Players



We know, Counter-Strike is a team-based game and you need to play around your team. However, there are problems with doing it in lower ranks. Most of the time, you will need to carry your team to win your games.

Today, we will show you the best 3 maps to play in Counter-Strike to help you to carry your team.

3. Vertigo

Vertigo is the newest map that added to the active map pool in the game. This map is so small that you can run-and-gun the enemies. You won’t need to use so much utility, and your enemies even don’t know how to rotate around the map.

2. Cache

Cache is not in the active map pool yet due to its rework, but you can still play it in the competitive matches. In this map, you won’t need any teammates to peek the common angles and kill the enemies most of the time.

1. Dust 2

One of the most iconic maps in the game is Dust 2. In this map, you can just rush the sides whenever you want to go. After learning the x-box smoke, you can easily rotate around the map and have a high chance to kill your enemies.

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