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Top 3 Operators In Rainbow Six Siege For The Entry-Fraggers



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In the FPS game like Rainbow Six Siege, strategies and destruction are two of the most important things to win the round. However, some of the players are born to kill the enemy and clicking the heads.

Today, we are going to show you the best 3 operators for those kinds of players that will easily lead you to be the top fragger in the team.

3. Twitch

Before the nerf of Twitch’s Famas, she was unstoppable. Her gadget and a perfect gun make her pick&ban operator that will affect the fate of the game. Even though they nerfed the recoil and reduced the ammunition of the gun, she is still one of the best fragging operators in the game.

2. Vigil

With Vigil, you can roam around the map without showing yourself and kill the enemies. Besides his gadget, his gun is so powerful for gunfights because it has high damage per rounds and low recoil that you can hit your target pretty easily.

1. Ash

We can’t say ‘frag’ without mentioning the operator like Ash. Even though her ACOG sight was removed from R4-C, she can still enter the side with pre-firing every angle. With the hight accuracy and damage per rounds, you will feel comfortable while playing her.

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