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Top 3 Tips To Rank Up In Rainbow Six Siege



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Most of the players in Rainbow Six Siege are stuck between Gold-Silver ranks and can’t improve their gameplay because of the little details that they even didn’t notice.

Today, we are revealing the top 3 tips to rank up in the game for you and wishing luck for your ranked games.

3. Warm-Up

If you think about your latest games, you joined the first matches without warming up, and this habit will cost you lots of losses. Before searching for a new game, you should consider warming up in t-hunts.

2. Learn The Maps

To play Rainbow Six Siege at high level, your aim will never be enough. You should learn how to play vertically in every map, and know the angles that you should play from. Also, you can set up your defence and attack strategies much easier this way.

1. Use The Utilities

Almost every low-tier players are thinking that their skill level is the same level of high-tier players. Maybe, you are right. However, you are probably playing without using drones, grenades, or even using your operator’s gadget. First of all, you need to know why and when you should use your utilities. To learn this quickly, we recommend you to watch professional players that streaming all the time like Pengu, Doki, and more.

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