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Treatz Says Tryndamere Won’t Be Picked In Later Stages Of Worlds



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Erik Wessén, known as “Treatz,” is a 25-year-old Swedish League Of Legends player who has been playing for SK Gaming since November 2020. Before that, he was playing for Team SoloMid.

For the last few weeks, the picks such as Tryndamere mid, Qiyana, Zed, and Talon jungle become famous in the high elo solo queue, which didn’t get picked in professional tournaments that much yet.

During the first League Of Legends World Championship match between Hanwha Life Esports and LNG Esports, both Tryndamere and Qiyana picked, which hyped up the community about the meta.

However, Treatz believes that these intense champions won’t be picked later on the Worlds stage because he believes that these flashy champions are more attractive for the players rather than casual but effective ones.

Furthermore, the support player pointed out that even though there’s so much hype about these solo queue picks, the champions such as Jarvan IV, Ziggs, Ezreal, and Orianna will be picked more often while the tournaments go on.

Treatz shared his opinion about the solo queue champions:

Also my unpopular opinion is that in the start of play-ins and groups a lot of champs like Trynda/Lucian/Qiyana etc will be played to meh success and as the tournament goes longer we will see more Jarvan/Ziggs/Ezreal/Orianna etc. This Worlds 2021 has so many overhyped soloq picks.

This has always been the case, thinking back to Ekko as the prime example, but for this year it feels like with all champions that got a small buff everyone were very quick to leave the ‘boring and effective’ champions behind for the new flashy ones way more than usual.”

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