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Treatz Transitions To Jungle As SK Gaming Announces 2021 LEC Summer Roster



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During the 2021 LEC Spring regular season, SK Gaming had promising matches. Even though they lost against teams like Excel Esports and Team Vitality, they also managed to beat MAD Lions.

Following the results, they pursue the playoffs from sixth place in the standings. Unfortunately, their journey in the playoffs didn’t last long enough they wanted to as they lost against Fnatic with a clean sweep.

As the summer split on its way, SK Gaming announced roster changes that surprised everybody. In the announcement, the organization revealed that they parted ways with their jungler Kristian ‘TynX’ Hansen.

However, they couldn’t any great replacement for TynX. Because of that, their support player Erik “Treatz” Wessén role-swapped to the jungle. Also, their head coach Jesse ‘Jesiz’ Le will be playing as a support in the upcoming split.

After the announcement, Treatz took his official Twitter account to share his perspective behind this decision and explained why the team wanted him to become the new jungle player for the roster.

While Treatz was saying that the role swap is not a thing he wants to do in a long-term, he also mentioned that he already proved himself as one of the best support players in Europe in the last split.

“Due to time constraints and given circumstances it was hard to find a jungle replacement this late in the offseason, and everyone within the team was thinking of possible solutions,” Treatz said. “One of the solutions that came up would be for me to play Jungle and Jesiz support. Me having some prior history with jungle and the communication profile that this team has made a lot of sense to both myself and the team.”

SK Gaming is now:

  • Janik “Jenax” Bartels
  • Erik “Treatz” Wessén
  • Ersin “Blue” Gören
  • Jean “Jezu” Massol
  • Jesse “Jesiz” Le

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