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TSM Myth Claims That Fortnite Will Make A Comeback



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Ali Kabbani, known as “Myth,” is an American Twitch streamer who started to be known in the scene with his Fortnite streams. Right now, he is a content creator for the North American organization Team SoloMid.

Battle royale games’ popularity raised back in 2018, recently after the releases of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds as well as Fortnite. Besides the cult games such as League Of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO, they were the most played games in the world.

However, the popularity of these games started to downfall in 2019, because the games were not interesting enough for the players to play, especially in PUBG. In fact, Call Of Duty released their own battle-royale game, Warzone, last year, and it has been dominating the scene since then.

As both popularity of the battle-royale games dropped and Warzone took over the gaming community, Fortnite’s glory didn’t last long besides the die-hard players. However, Myth thinks that Fortnite will rise once again.

According to the tweets of Myth, Fortnite will make a huge comeback in the future in both cultural and popular way and said that releasing an unreal engine modding will take Fortnite to the moon. 

Myth wrote:

“Remember this tweet. Fortnite will make a cultural / popularity comeback.

Fortnite supposedly releasing unreal engine modding will take fortnite to the fucking moon and I’m calling it right now.”

You can check out the posts below.

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