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Twitch Ends Up The ‘Hot Tub’ Controversy By Creating Another One



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As you might familiar with live streaming and especially with Twitch, you should have heard the discussions about the hot tub streams that lots of the female creators have been doing for the past year.

The problem was nothing to do with the in-real-life contents of the hot tub or the beach streams. According to the many users and creators, most of these female creators are abusing the lines of nudity.

Furthermore, the nudity in these streams is not the only problem. It has been criticized by many people that they have been using Twitch for promoting their only-fans accounts or even +18 videos.

Because of that, there have been lots of criticisms and conversations about the hot tub streams on social media, even lots of people tried to send feedback to Twitch about this topic. But they didn’t make any statement about it until yesterday.

Twitch’s Statement About The Hot Tub Streams

Although most of the people hoped that Twitch would end the controversy about the hot tub streams and female creators who put their bodies on camera, Twitch created another one by making a new statement.

As Twitch mentioned that they are approaching this topic thoughtfully and respectfully, they also stated that no one deserves to be harassed for the content they choose to stream, or how they look in those streams.

Moreover, Twitch reminded that sexuality and nudity are not allowed on their platform. However,  wearing swimwear at the beach or in a hot tub is not violating the ‘Nudity & Attire’ and ‘Sexually Suggestive Content’ policies of Twitch.

The new category has been getting lots of interest from the people from the first day.

But, the most disappointing part about this update for the people that Twitch has created a new category for these types of streamers. According to their statement, Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches is added as a new category on Twitch.

Before this category, these types of streams were streaming on the Just Chatting section of Twitch, which is not really representing what they are doing during the streams. Also, Twitch informed everybody that this will not be the long-term solution to this topic.

However, Twitch hoped that this solution will solve the issue in the short term, and said that people now can easily avoid the hot tub streams in the Just Chatting category in this way.

Click here for the full statement.

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