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Twitch Streamer Average Jonas Shows Another 200 IQ Shock Dart For Killjoy Ultimate



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Twitch streamer and content creator for Team Liquid, Average Jonas, uploaded another video on his official Twitter account and showed off his brilliant mind once again.

As you might already know, Jonas showed to the community that Sova’s Shock Dart abilities can easily counter Killjoy’s most common ultimate spots, and some professional players even used these lineups in the official matches.

However, some of the Killjoy players found a way to replace their ultimates above the common spots. After a short period, Average Jonas found new lineups for these Killjoy ultimates and stunned the community once again.

Here is what Average Jonas wrote:

“There is a guy called Keeoh who isn’t very smart, he thinks his ult is safe from my Anti-Killjoy dart…”

You can check out the post below.

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