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Twitch Streamer Average Jonas: “Sova Isn’t Really That Good On Breeze”



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Twitch streamer and content creator for Team Liquid who is known for his creative Sova plays in Valorant, Average Jonas, shared his opinion about the new Valorant map Breeze as well as ranking the best agents on it.

Even though Jonas loves to play Sova almost on every map, he admitted that Sova is not really good on Breeze. However, he thinks that it’s good to see the new maps that make high pick rate agents bad.

Furthermore, Jonas stated that this could be perfect timing to practice his Brimstone and Viper lineups because the agents like Sova and Killjoy are the worse agents in this map due to the shape of the map.

Here is what Average Jonas wrote:

“Sova isn’t really that good on Breeze, HOWEVER, I think it’s great that we see a map actually making high pickrate agents worse. Also this means I can finally dedicate time to perfect brim and viper lineups.

Sova and Killjoy are worse on this map because they require smaller areas to make stuff happen with their utility. Also the walls are very high so you are forced to play slower lineups, which hurts double shocks more than mollies. Again, to clarify I think that’s good.

Another thing is the sheer size of this map adds alot of flank potential which is probably why we will see cypher for anti flank trips, especially because both spawns have choke points. Also if he has a cam in the middle he can tag someone and wallbang thru A halls window.”

He continued:

“These are all my personal opinions and I’m not a pro player so don’t look into this too much but I think double smoker is definitely viable here, maybe astra/viper. Brim should be viable too, and will probably be one of my picks here, lots of molly lineup potential.

Finally, Jett Operator is so good here. Yoru is great because his TP and ult can be used outside the range of sound cues which makes it alot less predictable! Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

I didn’t mention Omen because nothing changes there. He’s always been viable everywhere.”

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